Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Kirk Report

The Kirk Report

Twists & Turns

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 03:10 PM PST

Twists & Turns
  • Americans see economic recovery a long way off (Gallup)

  • The stock market has actually performed best when there is gridlock in Washington (iStockAnalyst)

  • Caution flags keep rising (Disciplined Investor)

  • 4 headwinds that stocks are ignoring (Smart Money)

  • Pavlov's dogs are drooling again (Evil Speculator)

  • New ships idle waiting for cargo to fill them (NYT)

  • Consumer anger rages (Market-Ticker)

  • Did foreigners cause America's financial crisis? (Time)

  • Saving the Euro from a greek tragedy (ABC)

  • Some foreign stocks' Q4 earnings to surge (IBD)

  • Concerns over Dubai's debt remain (Clusterstock)

  • Move over BRIC. Time to focus on the MAVINS (Business Insider)

  • India has the best PEG ratio (Bespoke)

  • So, which India ETF is best? (ETFdb)

  • America is touting the low price of its financial bail-out which may be too optimistic (Economist)

  • Bernanke and the Beast (NYT)

  • Interest rate manipulation (Green Faucet)

  • The anti-fed fact sheet (Big Picture)

  • Inflation myth and reality (Hussman)

  • Is it reasonable to worry about inflation in the current environment? (Econobrowser)

  • 5 reasons mini-bubbles are forming (Blogging Stocks)

  • It is time institutional investors exerted control over publicly held companies (WSJ)

  • America's new conundram - too much cash! (WSJ)

  • Big firms are readying to splash out on takeovers and expansion (Economist)

  • What year is it? Parallels to 1930's & 1970's (Trader's Narrative)

  • The importance of S&P 1,150 can't be overstated (StockChartist)

  • More on the bull market Mondays phenomenon (Money Morning)

  • Small traders increase their bearish bets (Prag Cap)

  • 3 stocks and 3 sectors for tough times (Jim Jubak)

  • More worries over Fannie & Freddie (Reuters)

  • Another look at Citigroup (Wild Investor)

  • Making the case for Pfizer (Contrarian Edge)

  • The affordable Buffett? The Berkshire Split (Smart Money)

  • America's most beloved and hated CEOs (24/7 Wall St.)

  • How do debt-free stocks under $10 perform? (Stockerblog)

  • 6 common traits of successful traders & investors (Trading Markets)

  • The art of reading the tape (iBankCoin)

  • Two ways to determine trend strength (Trading Markets)

  • Using RSI(2) for trading pullbacks (Trading Markets)

  • Trading volatility squeezes (Worden)

  • Testing for stock market anomalies around three-day weekends (CXO)

  • 4 mental keys that help my trading performance (MarketWatch)

  • What color is Dan Zanger's underwear? (StockBee)

  • Tax strategies for traders to be aware of (Trading Markets)

  • What trading and having a baby have in common and why it matters (MWQHJ)

  • How can I learn trading? (CTF)

  • Dividend Capturing 101 (Harry Domash)

  • Three alternatives to the UNG (ETFdb)

  • How to choose ETFs for your Portfolio (Oblivious Investor)

  • An index fund strategy for early retirees (Early Retirement Blog)

  • A retirement-saving formula that's right for today (MarketWatch)

  • Mythbusting financial advisors (Financial Highway)

  • Online brokers request patience amid rate storm (YF)

  • Older doesn't mean wiser when making financial decisions (SSRN)

  • Dedicated computers reduce the risk of account breach (Clark Howard)

  • Why stop at banks? 13 other great taxes (US News)

  • Break out of your comfort zone to achieve success (Get Rich Slowly)

  • If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything (Dr. Z)

  • Want to be happier in 2010? Then try this simple experiment (NYT)

  • "Almost anybody can make up a list of rules that are 80% as good as what we taught. What they can't do is give people the confidence to stick to those rules even when things are going bad." - Richard Dennis

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