Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attn: Email ID Owner/ Beneficiary,

Attn: Email ID Owner/ Beneficiary,

We wish to remind you to forward the following information: Full Name, Tel number, Occupation, Age, country to:

Dr. Mike Mejia. Email: lotto.nl.info@aol.nl (or) accu.claim_file@sify.com
Tel:+31- 614 856 624/ Fax: +31- 847 549 511.
For the claim of your Email winning prize of 1.500.000 euro in regards to the recently concluded 2009 email ballot promotion for all users of domain/Emails supported by the Microsoft windows since inception. Your email ID emerged winner.

Winners were picked by computerized system, drawn from over 50,000,000 companies and individuals email addresses worldwide. Please contact the payment director by phone or email with your winning Information which includes-Batch nr: SPYU6868, Ref.nr: 5687SPL876.

You are expected to make your claim immediately. Any claim not made before 30 Days will be transferred to the suspense vault of the European Gaming Board.!!!Congratulations!!!

Mr.F Drenthe.(co-ordinator)
For: Alliance Inter. Net Award & Lotto.nl b.v.

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