Friday, August 21, 2009

The Kirk Report

The Kirk Report

Q&A With Tim Knight

Posted: 21 Aug 2009 05:24 AM PDT

Tim Knight
People read trading blogs for all sorts of reasons. Some do it to learn something new, others do it to find new trading ideas and many do it simply for entertainment. For me, Tim Knight's Slope of Hope has been a great source of interesting perspectives as well as pure enjoyment.

Tim is an interesting fellow and his blog is worthwhile. He has been actively trading since 1987 and uses technical analysis as a key part of his approach. However, you can expect to see much more than charts there. In fact, every time you visit his blog you can count on Tim saying or sharing something that is likely to amuse you and/or at least get you thinking about something. His perspectives are always fresh, witty, and clearly different than the typical "we're always in a bull market" garbage found within the mainstream financial press. That's why Tim's blog has always been among the blogs I read and one of the main reasons why I've invited Tim to participate in this month's Q&A.

Tim's "Slope of Hope" is one of those must-read blogs for anyone interested in the market. We sincerely hope you find this Q&A both enjoyable and helpful...[READ]