Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Kirk Report

The Kirk Report

Member Mailbag

Posted: 19 Aug 2009 12:28 PM PDT

Member Mailbag
As always, I appreciate the questions you and other members continue to send in. It helps me a great deal to know what I need to help you most with.

The topics I'll cover in today's mailbag include:

  • Gap Failures

  • Size & Volume Limitations When Trading

  • Monthly Performance Tracking For My Stock Screen Machine

  • Using Insider Transactions Information

  • Wash Sale Restrictions

  • Swine Flu Stocks

  • Safety Seeking In High Yield Corporate Funds

  • Economic Calendars

  • Time Lines For Starter Positions

  • Chart Analysis For SINA

  • Leverage Kills

  • Intraday Trading & Hold Times

  • The Only Thing You Need To Know About Building Wealth

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